Bad Whitby Drivers

After living in the Town of Whitby since 1996, I have finally come to the conclusion that many Whitby drivers must have paid someone in the Ministry of Transportation. They could not have passed their driver’s test on their own, because they could not have read the driver’s handbook or they do not know how to read. For those Whitby drivers that do not know, the big RED octagon ( 8 sided ) sign with the big white letters S.T.O.P. is a stop sign.

The meaning of STOP is

As a verb (of an event, action, or process): Come to an end; cease

As a noun: a cessation of movement or operation


verb.  cease – stay -halt -discontinue – pause

noun.  halt – stoppage – cessation – pause – stay

I hope this helps the drivers that go through the four way stop at Valleywood Dr. and Timber Mill Ave in Whitby. Going through the intersection at 10 kph, 20 kph (kph = kilometers per hour) or not even slowing down is not STOPPING. If the Town of Whitby needs extra cash place a police office at this intersection and they should be able to ticket 5 to 6 vehicles an hour. This should more than pay for the officer and still put money in their pockets.
Stopping at intersection is not the only bad habit some Whitby drivers have. Here is another rule you seem to ignore. People walking on the sidewalk when you are entering or leaving a shopping mall have the the rite of way. You STOP. This is especially pointed at that idiot lady that clipped me and my dog leaving the mall on the south-west corner of Brock St. N. and Taunt0n Rd. E.
In the words of the immortal Red Foreman, Dumb Ass!!